100 Pool Houses To Be Proud Of And Inspired By

Pool houses were once considered a luxury only the most influential and the richest could afford. But things change and right now having a pool house doesn’t seem like such an extravagance. Nevertheless, it’s something to be proud of and impressed by, especially if the overall design is anywhere near the examples we’ve prepared for you today.

Casa china blanca luxury villaCove residence by Stelle lomont with poolVilla wrk parametrsRemodeling of an itialian house with poolImpressive house with an elegant landscapeWhite curbes house with poolContemporary and traditional accents are combined hereJoint residence in buenos aires with a lap poolContemporary house in ho chi minhHouse in Vancouver opens to a deck swimming poolSeaside residence design with a cool swimming poolCool blue villa swimming pool

Residence with pool in Mallorca

Featuring a modern and sophisticated design, Villa Origami is a residence built in Mallorca, Spain. It was completed in 2014 and it has a swimming pool that runs along the wooden deck in front of the residence. The design then continues with a green lawn and a small garden. To cope with the sloped site, the architects elevated the front of the house and designed a sculptural staircase which leads up to a sheltered outdoor lounge space.

Contemporary villa with pool

Mallorca is also home to another contemporary pool house. This one was designed by Andreas Hummel Architekt and sits on a 12,60 sq ft area, on a site in the west coast bay of Santa Ponsa. The house is L-shaped and its adjacent exterior walls shelter a large swimming pool that covers almost the entire back yard.

Claremont-Residence With Swimming Pool

Architect David Barr designed an extension for a residence located in Claremont, Australia. The extension was completed in 2016 and serves as a modern addition along a large swimming pool. The flat roof which connects it to the main house extends to form a sheltered outdoor living area which doubles as a poolside lounge. The extension continues into the garden and delineates the courtyard, lawn, outdoor dining space and pool.

Family home with a beautiful lap pool

Lap pools are a good option when the space available on the site is limited. An interesting example in this sense is the modern bungalow designed by HYLA Architects in Singapore. The architects actually had to remodel and reorganize a semi-detached house. The lap pool runs along the interior social area. Sliding glass walls separate the two functions and bring the outdoors in.

Picture Frame Home with Pool

Who needs a pool when your house is so close to the water, right? Not exactly. The Picture Frame House designed by DSDG Inc. Architects has both a waterfront view and a swimming pool. The pool is sheltered between the house and a green wall lined with trees. When not relaxing by the pool, the owners can go out on the terrace which hovers above the water.

Round small swimming pool with deck around

The swimming pool’s shape is meant to evoke nature’s charm and to create a zen and relaxing ambiance on the outdoor deck. A small garden mimics a similar form and the two complement each other. We’re talking about a contemporary villa located in Bordighera, Italy. It was designed by NG – Studio and it impresses with its refined balance between natural beauty and sophisticated architecture.

Grass around square house pool

Designed to be sunny, cheerful and relaxing, the private residence located in Florida is eclectic and beautiful in more than one way. The large pool that occupies a big portion of the back yard is flanked by a green lawn and a terrace that wraps around the sides. The outdoor spaces are large and numerous and the interior is linked to them through glazed facades. The house was designed by Enrique Fieldman.

Pool that emphasize a gorgeous view of a valley

What better way to emphasize a gorgeous view of a valley than with an infinity pool or a suspended deck that overlook the panorama and introduce the user into the hearth of nature and everything around them? Caramel Architekten designed this gorgeous private home in 2015. It’s located in Linz, Austria and it’s a wonderful pool house.

Different shapes for pool house designs

There are lots of different types of houses with pools. The connection between the pool and the house can be made in various ways. Atelier 111 designed a family home in the Czech Republic which doesn’t have interior spaces that open directly onto the pool area. The swimming pool is placed some distance away from the interior spaces, with a wooden deck connecting it to the glass door.

California house with a small pool

Most of the time, a deck or terrace serves as a buffer between the swimming pool and the interior spaces. That’s the case with this residence in California. It’s designed by Fieldman Architecture and was built around a large oak tree. The house sits on a slope and the pool overlooks the valley and the forest, being shaded by the trees that grow in its proximity.

Italy backyard house with pool

The indoor and outdoor spaces are very well defined in the case of the contemporary family home built by Fabrizia Frezza in Rome, Italy. The project was called Villa Olgiata, inspired by the location. A rectangular swimming pool is at the core of the outdoor social spaces. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are arranged on the lawn to its right and left side and a covered living space is placed at the back of the yard.

Victoria house with pool

By comparison, the contemporary family home designed by Jarchitecture in Victoria, Australia features a very strong connection between its indoor and outdoor spaces. The swimming pool is nestled between decks and the exterior wall of the house. The terraced design places various features and functions at different levels, giving each own a unique character and differentiating them from each other.

Giordano hadamik arhitects design house

Villa N by Giordano Hadamik Architects is partially built into the hillside, featuring two subterranean volumes. This design strategy indirectly made the outdoor spaces stand out more. The swimming pool, for example, is quite eye-catching. It’s embedded in an elevated platform that levels out the sloped land.

Elevated pool in a Melbourne House

The decision to raise the pool instead of embedding it into the ground is interesting in the case of this modern home in Melbourne, Australia. The residence was completed in 2016 by Austin Maynard Architects. The pool is L-shaped and follows the house’s architecture and it clad in wood just like the building.

Infinity pool with ocean views

The infinity pool is the perfect place from where to admire the expansive water view unfolding in front of this stunning home in Chile. The house is called Casa Paravicini and was designed by Cristian Hrdalo in 2014. The pool sits in the continuation of a wooden deck and is perched above a second lower deck.

Contemporary residence in Weston Massachusetts with pool

The sloping site on which the Ledgewood Residence was built allowed the architects to develop an informal three-story design. The pool house plans included a series of decks and terraces connected by stairs and a dramatic double-height foyer. The pool is situated at the back being complemented by a wooden deck and a green lawn. All the interior spaces that overlook this area have full-height windows. This was a project by LDa Architecture & Interiors and the house is located in Weston, Massachusetts.

Mercurio design lab House with pool in singapore

Villa Mistral is an amazing project by Mercurio Design Lab. Located in Singapore, the residence is a waterfront property with bold, contemporary architecture. A raised pool is overlooked by the sloped facade which appears to be looking down on it. The odd angles, clean lines and intriguing forms make the house stand out and since the neighboring residences are not too boring either it actually integrates here really well.

White house pool

This modern home was completed in 2012 by Raulino Silva Arquitecto. It’s a private home in Vila do Conde, Portugal. The local landscape, sunlight exposure and sloping terrain were carefully analyzed before the design was created. The result was a minimalist and sculptural house with an open deck at the back connected to a pool, all sheltered by privet hedges.

Brazil pool house design from Arquitetura nacional

Featuring views of a lake at the front and a large pool at the back, this residence is closely linked to its surroundings. The green roof, wood-clad facade and living walls are other elements that support this idea. The project is called Casa Enseada and was designed by Arquitetura Nacional in Xangri-La, Brazil.

Simply pool house design

Located in Omaha, New Zealand, this contemporary residence was designed by architect Julian Guthrie. It has one of those pool house designs that inspire through simplicity. It was designed to serve as a spacious holiday home with large guest areas and plenty of entertainment spaces. The pool comes as an extension of the deck and lawn.

Villa in Roquerbrune cap artin France with rooftop pool

Usually, the pool is situated on ground level but every once in a while we come across an uncommon design which features a rooftop pool. One such case is Villa La Madone designed by A2CM in collaboration with Ceschia e Mentil Architetti Associati. The house is located in France and was built here in 2013. it has a sculptural form with a rooftop covered partially by grass and plants and partially by a swimming pool.

Zig zag pool edge house in Astralia Malvern

The site on which this home in Malvern was built was quite small so squeezing a large pool and a spacious residence on it was a real challenge. To maximize both these elements, the architects at Robson Rak built the pool along the edges of the house with no buffers between. The pool’s zig-zag edge then continues in a straight line in the backyard. The clear sides make the interior visible giving the pool a futuristic appearance.

Small lap pool on the T House

This is Casa T, a house designed by Studio Arquitectos in Tulum, Mexico. The house has a lap pool that runs along one side of the house, sitting adjacent to the bedrooms and bathrooms. It can be accessed directly from there rooms but also from the exterior, being situated at the end of a garden walkway. The pool is partially covered by the cantilevered upper floor of the residence.

Backyard small swimming pool and a modern lawn with concrete pavers

Featuring a really chic and stylish interior, the AA House also has matching exterior features. A large swimming pool sits at the end of the backyard garden. A lawn section with square stone tiles connects it to a covered social area with comfortable chairs, sofas and a dining table. The pool itself has a shallow lounge area at one end, perfect for enjoying the sun while being close to the water. The house was designed by Pascali Semerdjian Architects.

Beverly Hils House with Pool

Most swimming pools are rectangular but not that of the Trousdale Estates contemporary home designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects. This sculptural residence is located in Beverly Hills, California and its pool has an interesting shape with oval lines and an organic and yet well-defined look. It’s surrounded by a large desk with comfortable seating and one has a raised Jacuzzi tub built into it.

Custom designed home in Australia with pool

As the water in the pool is reflected into the roof edges of this modern home in Victoria, Australia, a beautiful visual effect is created. The effect is highlighted by the glass doors and panels which make the whole backyard appear larger. The residence was designed by InForm and the project was completed in 2015.

Modern wooden deck around pool house

Built to be flush with the wooden deck that wraps itself around it, the pool built for the Terraville House occupies about half of the backyard space, leaving enough room for a lovely garden or, in this case, a green lawn. The house was designed by AT Arquitetura and is located in Brasil, on a site measuring 350 square meters.

Modern fireplace on the pool edge

This gorgeous retreat can be found in Maryland, USA. It’s a private residence designed by Robert Gurney Architect and its ground floor functions as an office. As a result, the pool was raised to be adjacent to the social spaces. They dialogue with each other through full-height glass windows and a wooden deck that matches the roof of the residence. The pool is suspended and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding forest.

Atolan house in Taiwan

The A’tolan House designed by the Create + Think studio is surrounded by a lot of rocks and vegetation. It’s located in Taiwan, close to the Pacific Ocean, on a sloping site. At the bottom of the property is a V-shaped pool adjacent to a large wooden deck. From there the house is terraced and features a second deck overlooking the pool and the ocean beyond.

Amagansett New York House Residence With Pool

Privacy was very important in the case of the Elizabeth II Residence designed by Bates Masi Architects. The interior is insulated from the sound of the village and solid walls also offer lots of privacy. But while the interior spaces are wrapped in a shell, the backyard is very open. It has a pool with a small deck and not much else, being surrounded by a simple green lawn. The house is located in Amagansett, New York.

Single storey structure house with pool

Casa R&D is a residence in Brasilia, Brazil. It was designed and built here in 2014 by Esquadra|Yi. The site is occupied by a single-story structure where the social and service areas are situated while at the back of the property there’s a two-story building that houses five bedrooms, a study and a living room. The two are placed perpendicularly and they shelter an L-shaped pool wrapped around a large planter.

Hampton house with pool

Sliding glass doors connect the master bedroom of the Peters Path House to a backyard and a swimming pool. The house is located in East Hampton, New York. It was designed by Bruce D. Nagel in 2006. The pool is flanked on one side by a green lawn furnished with lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Vineyard Farm House with pool

The house and the pool are two separate areas in the case of the Vineyard Farm House by Charles Rose Architects. The residence is located in Massachusetts, USA. It serves as a family vacation home and it has distant views of the Atlantic Ocean. A roof deck was designed to these views can be admired. It also overlooks the swimming pool.

Studio mk27 house design

A vast infinity pool expands beyond the open deck of the White House, a residence designed by Studio MK27 and completed in 2014. The house is located in Sao Sebastiao, in Brazil and is surrounded by lush greenery. One of the defining features of its design is the series of lattice walls which pivot and open to connect the interior dining area to the garden.

Brimming contemporary house with large long pool

Built on a gentle slope, the stunning house designed by Swatt | Miers Architects has everyone one can dream of. The spacious and beautiful interior spaces are complemented by large outdoor areas and a long swimming pool along a wooden deck. Full-height windows and glass walls minimize the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces, making the transition smooth and natural.

Vila Padma Pool

Dense vegetation and stunning views are the things that inspired the designers of Villa Padma to raise the residence and to put more emphasis on the upper levels and the outdoor features. That’s why the lap pool is not on ground level and why there seems to be an overwhelmingly large outdoor area organized on decks and terraces. The villa is located in Phuket, Thailand.

Reclaimed wood facade house and concrete swimming pool

The AP House is a beautiful stone structure built in Sondrio, Italy by Rocco Borromini. It was completed in 2015 although its design speaks of a different era. The exterior is clad in stone and this gives the house a somewhat medieval look. The interior, however, is modern and cozy. The spaces are organized around a courtyard which at the center has a small pool which could more acurately be described as a pond.

Costa calsamiglia house with pool and an amazing garden

A lovely zen garden and a series of old trees create a very relaxing and pleasant ambiance, suggesting that it must be the same inside this beautiful house we found in Catalonia, Spain. The residence was designed by Costa Calsamiglia Arquitecte and it’s called the Thomsen House. The garden offers a nice view at the front of the house while a pool and an outdoor dining area occupy the rear of the site.

Vila indigo josep camps house

This is a house that has only one floor. The single-story modern residence was designed by Josep Camps and Olga Felip and is called Villa Sifera. It can be found in Catalonia, Spain. The bedrooms are directly connected to a large outdoor deck and an infinity pool and some also have a view of the garden. Small courtyards are spread throughout the residence, bringing the outdoors in.

Small lap pool on a Saota House

The site on which the Cove 6 residence was built is dreamy and exquisite, mostly because of the amazing ocean view it offers. The vacation home was designed by SAOTA Architects in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. As the ocean expands in front of the house, gentle hills and slopes unfold everywhere around it.

Miami house with ocean views

Architecture studio Kobi Karp designed a wonderful tropical retreat in Miami, Florida. The Floating Eaves Residence has just the right amount of open outdoor spaces and cozy and comfortable indoor areas. It also has a large swimming pool with an L-shaped wooden deck wrapped around it. This is a waterfront property that fully enjoys its location.

Contemporary house in Hinterbruhl

In 2011 Wunschhaus Architektur completed a contemporary private residence in Hinterbruhl, Austria. The residence has a minimalist and sculptural design and is nestled between dense trees and a forest with lovely views. The house is raised to cope with the sloping terrain. The pool was also raised to be brought to the same level as the wooden deck.

Elevated pool on a Brazilian home

The outdoor area is almost as big as all the indoor spaces combined. We’re talking about House JJ, a residence designed by Obra Arquitetos in Sao Paulo. It sits on a steep site which means the entry and the main areas are actually situated on the top level. that’s also where the swimming pool sits, being complemented by a very large deck. From up here, the views of the valley are breathtaking.

Private home in Los Angeles California with a cool deck pool

It’s a little bit odd to see a swimming pool that has such an unusual shape. It’s almost as if it bends to fit on the deck. But designs like this one are the ones that stand out. This pool was designed for the Edwin Residence, a private home in Los Angeles, California. It’s a project completed in 2015 by ANDstudio that actually had to renovate the whole property in order to give it a modern update.

White curbes house with pool

Situated on a small corner plot, at the meeting point of two streets, the White Curbes House is surrounded by family homes and apartment buildings and in a way it’s up to it to make the transition between them. It was a project by at26 architecture & design. At the back, the elongated house has a small and oddly-shaped yard with enough space for a small pool and a deck.

Home in lucca with a large pool

It would seem that the Country House that MIDE architetti renovated in 2015 is indeed a pool house. Located in Lucca, Italy, the house has a very large swimming pool with a small annex, big enough to include a bedroom suite. The pool was designed to blend in with the landscape, preserving the old olive trees and integrating them into the deck.

Contemporary and traditional accents are combined here

Contemporary and traditional architecture are combined in an elegant and balanced manner and the result of that process is the Musk Creek Flinders residence, a house renovated by Canny Architecture. Its traditional exterior shell and modern interior are completed by a rectangular pool at the back. It’s framed by a low fence and a few small trees and planters.

House in Vancouver opens to a deck swimming pool

The fact that it’s built on a steep slope has a lot to do with the design and organization of this modern house in Vancouver, Canada. The house offers panoramic views of the surroundings and its interior spaces are balanced out by a very large outdoor space which also includes a swimming pool among the tree tops. This was a project by BattersbyHowat Architects.

Cove residence by Stelle lomont with pool

The swimming pool is a very beautiful feature of the Cove Residence. The house was built in the Hamptons, New York by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects. It’s been organized into two volumes separated by a hallway at the center. At the back a wooden deck is sinuously built around the pool and continues to form a pathway that leads down to the edge of the water.

Contemporary architecure with a small pool

This lovely house is the result of the collaboration between Czarl Architects and Mink Architects, two studios that worked together to create a design for a home where three generations can comfortably live under the same roof. The house has glazed walls that open it to the outdoors and cantilevered volumes that shelter a pool nicely framed by a wooden deck.

Bridge house with pool

The clients that requested this contemporary residence wanted it to be centered around a large open space which could be enjoyed all year long. As a result, DADA & Partners created a design that’s organized around a swimming pool and its adjacent spaces. The house is located in New Delhi, India and serves as a tropical retreat ideal for entertaining and relaxation.

IO architects house with rocks facade and swimming pool

You can come across this unusual house in Bulgaria. It was built here in 2015 by I/O Architects. A protective shell of gabion walls partially shelters the interior which is only separated from the beautiful views by a series of clear glass walls. The upper floor rises above the rest and looks over the swimming pool at the back.

Paul ruiter house with cantilever pool house

Villa K is a house that uses its location in a very interesting way. The sloped site on which it stands is in a clearing surrounded by forests. The slightly elevated deck sits parallel to the flat roof and a lamp pool is built perpendicularly to the house, being embedded into the slope and partially cantilevered over the valley. This amazing house is located in Thuringia, Germany and was designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects.



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