A Dreamy, Bright Top Floor Paris Apartment – House Tour



(Image credit: Katy Cartland)


Name: Liz, Andrew and pets Stella, Layla and Helen


Location: Neuilly-Sur-Seine (border of 17th arrondissement, Paris)


Size: 65 square meters (about 700 square feet)


Years lived in: 1.5 years, rented


Finding an apartment in Paris is a dream for many. It’s easy in the process to get lost in the romance of parquet floors, french doors and views of Parisian rooftops. So easy, in fact, that many of us forget that day-to-day living needs sometimes trump those Parisian fantasies. When we moved to Paris, we quickly learned that there are certain features that are musts for us that, while not uncommon, are hard to get in one, perfect package. Having a lift when you have a small child or pets, as one example, or a fully furnished kitchen as another (many apartments come without appliances or even cabinetry, leaving the responsibility to the renter to furnish it).




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