102 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts – Show Your Gratitude In Style

We know Thanksgiving became a national holiday back in 1863 when it was proclaimed as such by Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War. At that moment it was decided that the last Thursday in November would be known as Thanksgiving Day. The First Thanksgiving, however, was celebrated by the Pilgrims just after their first harvest in the New World back in 1621. We’ve come a long way since then and now the holiday is mostly symbolic, with a lot of focus on the Thanksgiving table décor.

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Thanksgiving tablescapes.

Thanksgiving plates decor

You have a whole lot of options when decorating the Thanksgiving table. Your best bet is to find inspiration in nature. The history of Thanksgiving tells us this is actually the most accurate option. So go out and find yourself some cute little pinecones , a few lovely leaves and small branches. You can find a few ideas on how to use them on Yummymummykitchen.

Decorating the table for a special event like Thanksgiving

The little things matter the most when decorating for a special event or holiday. For Thanksgiving, a cute idea that we found on Mintedstrawberrytoo is to cut out leaves out of colored paper. You can then write the names of the guests on them and use them as place cards.

Paper table cloth for Thanksgiving decor

Speaking of paper, wouldn’t it be very practical to put some on the table instead of using a tablecloth that needs cleaning and care? This idea actually came to us via Findinghomefarms. This post actually offered a few other interesting hints as well. For example, using rosemary plants in Mason jars as decorations for the Thanksgiving table turns out to be a pretty cool idea.

Winter Thanksgiving Table Decor

An idea suggested on Oncewed is to bring some greenery into the house. Look for seasonal plants and trees that can offer you this. Make a green garland and display it on the table as a sort of centerpiece that runs along the length and interacts with the candleholders and other things that you want to display there.

Decorating the thanksgiving table with plates

The advice offered on Apartment34 is to mix and match and this can be applied to pretty much everything. For instance, you can use two or more different types of plates, two different types of cloth napkins and even different types of glasses and chair covers.

Thanksgiving table decor with message plates

Don’t be afraid to add a few quirky touches to your Halloween décor. An inspiring idea that we found on Makinglemonadeblog suggests welcoming each guest with a friendly message written on the plate. You can use a food-safe marker and simply put a card on the plate.

Fall Thanksgiving placemats

Some custom placemats would look nice as well. You can find a tutorial on how to make these on bugaboocity. Here’s what you need: some fabric for the center, some for the border, some for the backing, thin batting and matching thread.

Fall themed table centerpiece design

The centerpiece is the usually the focal point of the décor, whether the subject is the Thanksgiving table or something else. We like the look of the fall-themed centerpiece on the wooden table featured on Thesweetestoccasion. There’s this nice contrast of colors and a really nice organic look for the whole ensemble.

Backyard Thanksgiving Table

But let’s also talk a bit about the general theme and location. It would surely be nice to set the table outdoors in the garden. You could put up a simple wood table and add some tree stump stools and benches around it. There’s no need to be very fancy so decorate the table with branches, pinecones and other things you find in the yard. {found on theprettyblog}.

An al fresco Thanksgiving celebration

An al fresco Thanksgiving celebration is a great idea provided that the weather is friendly as well. So let’s talk décor. If you don’t want to leave the table bare you can cover it with a tablecloth. Make the most of it and choose something with a bold print that contrasts with everything else on the table. You can get an idea of how this would look like from the example on Celebrationsathomeblog.

Thanksgiving plates decor with leaves

Of course, even if you’re planning an indoor Thanksgiving celebration you can still bring in stuff from the garden, things like fallen leaves, tiny pumpkins, maybe even some fresh fall flowers. You can complement these with some themed glasses and silverware. Find inspiration on Sweetsomethingdesign.

Rustic and traditional Thanksgiving Table decor

You can make a lot of beautiful things with tiny pumpkins, acorns and other things you can find in your very own backyard. Check out for example Sophiasdecor to see how you can use all these things to create something rustic and charming that also has a little bit of glamour to it.

Home sweet home Thanksgiving theme

It’s a good idea to go a bit rustic when setting the Thanksgiving table. This way you can better create the right atmosphere for the celebration and you’d bring everyone closer to the true meaning behind the celebration. Hollymathisinteriors suggests using wicker chairs around a simple wood table decorated with pumpkins and fall branches.

Wood slices for Thanksgiving table decor

Nature is your best source of inspiration when it comes to Thanksgiving decoration ideas. So try bringing in natural materials and textures. For example, use wood slices instead of place mats and put some green wreaths at the center of the table, with some candles inside them.

Chalkboard plates for Thanksgiving

A rustic table setting doesn’t need to be too fancy or sophisticated. Still, you need to pay attention to the little details especially if you’re trying to get an authentic look using a style that you’re not used with. Don’t overthink the décor. A simple rosemary branch and a pair of cinnamon sticks can be just what you need for a beautiful place setting. {found on lovegrowswild}.

Great Thanksgiving table décor

The secret to a great Thanksgiving table décor is knowing where to look for inspiration and not getting tangled up in unnecessary details. The centerpieces don’t need to be perfect. In fact, imperfections give them character and make them look more authentic. {found on potterybarn}.

Fall to winter table centerpiece

Simplicity allows one to better focus on the little things and to more easily highlight contrasts and interesting features. For example, a minimalistic Thanksgiving table décor such as the one featured on Julieblanner can be created using only four elements: a candle, a pinecone, a floral stem or a branch and a small orange.

Clean fall tablescape design

On the other hand, if you prefer a more dynamic and colorful décor, you could try something similar. On Homeyohmy you can find out how to make a fall tablescape using things like small pumpkins, seasonal flowers and votive candles. Use tape and paint to decorate the candles and the pumpkins.

DIY Rustic Place Setting

If you want to create a décor that’s rustic but also modern at its core, combine simple and clean lines with rough and organic materials and textures. For instance, check out the place setting design idea featured on Brepurposed.porch. It’s a pretty straight forward design that requires a few simple things like a wood slice, some craft paper, twine, a feather, dried lavender and a metal letter.

Romantic outdoor dining table decor

You could look inspiration for your Thanksgiving table décor in designs created for bohemian fall weddings. On 100layercake you can find a really stylish example. The setting is composed of a simple table with a wooden top, no tablecloth on top, simple white plates with matching napkins on them, ornate silverware and a long green table runner made of seasonal plants and flowers.

Thanksgiving - black and white plates with golden utensils

How about a design that’s simple and a little bit dramatic? You can create such a look by combining black and white plates with golden utensils and a bamboo table runner decorated with green branches and leaves. It’s the combination featured on Sarahshermansamuel.

Succulent cornucopia thanksgiving centerpiece

What says Thanksgiving better than this wicker Cornucopia? It’s something we found on Succulentsandsunshine. You can fill this with moss and succulents. Use a hot glue gun to keep everything in place and feel free to add your own personal twist to the design.

Clean and white Thanksgiving Decor

The color palette is important every time so let’s have a look at a few options. If you want to create a bright and airy décor it would be a good idea to use white as your main color. You could cover the table with a white runner or tablecloth, use white plates, matching napkins and other similar things. Add a bit of contrast with some green accents. {found on flickr}.

Golden and Yellow Accents for Tablescape

If you’re going for something cheerful and fun, perhaps you’d prefer yellow as an accent color. You could consider using yellow place mats, matching napkins and a few other things like golden leaves and flowers. Find more inspiration on Homestoriesatoz.

Tall Thanksgiving with Gold sprayed pumpkins and pinecones

A golden tone would be a more refined version of yellow so consider it as your accent color if you want to create an elegant and glamorous Thanksgiving tablescape. You could spray paint a few pumpkins, some pinecones and maybe even some leaves and acorns. It\s all described in more detail on Apumpkinandaprincess.

Striped table cloth for Thanksviging Day

But why choose only one color when you can work with several at the same time? If you like contrasts and you enjoy finding the balance between contrasting colors and shapes, you could use as inspiration the table décor featured on Porch. It has a black and white striped tablecloth with white, black, gold and green accents on top.

Rustic candle holder for Thanksgiving table

We’ll also try to focus a bit on the individual elements that go on a table. For example, Thanksgiving tables are usually decorated with candles. Taper candles can look really elegant and beautiful. You could display them on a tree branch holder such as the one described on Farmfreshtherapy.

Personalize your thanksgiving table with monogram napkin

There are plenty of other interesting Thanksgiving crafts to focus on. For instance, the napkin rings. You could decorate them with wood tags in two sizes. Make them look stylish just like the ones on Storypiece. For that you’ll need some chalkboard paint, wood stain, some raffia and chalk. Stain the larger tags and paint the smaller ones. Thread some raffia through two a pair of two and leave a loop for the napkin. Add a monogram on each chalkboard tag.

Thanksgiving place cards

The place cards are also important if you want your tablescape to be perfect. You don’t need to be too creative for this part. You could simply print out some place cards on paper or on cardboard or you could handwrite them yourself. {found on thehomesteady}.

Thanksgiving burlap table decor

Or how about a custom table runner or place mat? You could make something like this out of burlap and customize it with a stencil and some paint. Check out this Give Thanks table runner featured on Ispydiy. It’s really easy to make and also pretty good-looking.

Gold leaf Acorns

When you’ve covered all the basics you can start focusing on the even smaller details. For example, you could gather a few acorns and paint them, making sure not to cover their little hats. Use gold leaf paint. See how they look like on Thehomesteady.

Last minute thanksgiving table decor for dinner

It’s ok if you’re not the type that starts preparing the Thanksgiving décor with a week in advance. You can still make something very beautiful right there on the spot. Start by positioning a platter at the center of the table, add stems of seeded eucalyptus casually on a corner, put pillar and votive candles on the platter and then add some pears as well to fill in the holes. It’s all described in more detail on Julieblanner.

Cute and beautiful crafts for Thanksgiving Table

You can make a lot of cute and beautiful crafts for the Thanksgiving table. This includes menu cards, place cards, napkin rings, centerpieces and even some gift boxes. You can find such ready-made kits or you can craft everything yourself. Check out Sayyyes for some inspiration regarding this.

Wood logs centerpiece for Dining table

If you can find a few small wood logs that would be perfect for the project on Hometalk. The tablescape idea features here includes a few simple things like some logs of different lengths placed in an upright position. They serve as supports for votive candles and around them there’s a few cute white pumpkins.

Thanksgiving table design with Fall accents

We encourage using burlap when decorating your Thanksgiving table. It’s such a simple and practical material there’s really no better alternative. Check out Remodelandolacasa to see how to decorate with a burlap tablecloth with lovely folds and some lanterns and fall ornaments.

jewel toned thanksgiving table decor

Get inspired by all the beautiful fall colors that surround you. Decorate with shades of orange, bright yellows, vibrant red and deep purples. Mix and match these colors and let them complement one another. You can use them in combination with a brown or white background. (found on Redflycreations}.

Fall modern country thanksgiving table decor

It’s good to start your Thanksgiving shopping with some time in advance just to make sure you can find everything you need. There’s no need to go overboard with the table décor. Let’s say you choose some wood grain chargers. You can complement these with some wood bead napkin rings and a drop cloth table runner. It’s all right here on Akadesign.

Twig table decor for Thanksgiving

A really stylish and beautiful idea that we found on HGTV is to craft a table runner out of twigs. It’s a feature that could surely take your Thanksgiving décor to a whole new level. The runner is also pretty easy to craft. You just need the twigs and either some twine or something else to glue them onto.

pomegranate place cards

Who would have though that a pomegranate could look so stylish? Actually, it was chosen in this case because of its stem, more exactly because it perfectly holds the place card at the right angle. You could easily adopt the idea for your own Thanksgiving table décor. You just need some golden spray paint.

Thanksgiving dinner than fall harvest

What better theme for the Thanksgiving dinner than fall harvest? This could also be the theme for the décor in general. You could use some garden flowers, some fresh vegetables and a few other things from the yard or garden. Display them in wooden boxes, on platters or in mason jars. (found on theglitterguide}.

Dried flowers white pumpkin centerpiece

A combination of dried flowers and white pumpkins makes this table look exquisite. It’s a design we found on Jojotastic. To make something similar you’ll need a variety of dried flowers, natural cotton twine, a footed bowl, mini white pumpkins and some string lights. The accent lighting is a really nice touch.

Evening of gratitude Table

You don’t have to provide your guests with a menu for the Thanksgiving dinner but it could be nice to offer just to create a more sophisticated atmosphere. You could use the menu as a place card and put on top of the plates, together with some acorns and a ribbon bow. {found on snippetsofdesign}.

Fresh Green fruits for Table centerpiece

Instead of a floral centerpiece you could ry something different: an edible centerpiece. Put together a bunch of fruits and maybe even some vegetables and let your guests enjoy them throughout dinner. Hopefully they’ll finish everything on the platter and this will make the cleaning a lot easier. It’s an idea that we found on Homegoods.

Walnut Veneer Chargers

The search for the right chargers can be a real pain and also time-consuming so why don’t you craft some yourself? You could make some walnut veneer chargers perfect for the Thanksgiving table. You’d need some thin balsa wood or plywood, a saw, walnut wood veneer, sandpaper, glue, paint and spray lacquer. You can find the full tutorial Here.

DIY Harvest Centerpiece

Here’s an idea: get creative this fall with some spray paint. You can use a combination of white and gold metallic spray paint to make some really lovely table centerpieces. For instance, paint some corn or some pumpkins. You could also use a gold paint pen to write stuff on the pumpkins as shown on Letsmingleblog.

sun flower burlap thanksgiving table centerpiece

There are plenty of great table centerpiece ideas to try. One of them is featured on Staceyhomemaker. If you want to make something similar, here’s what you’ll need: a sturdy base plate that could be a wood slice, a grapevine wreath, some burlap ribbon, a faux sunflower bouquet, two cinnamon sticks cut in half, some faux pinecones, a candle and a glue gun.

Jars and candles table centerpiece

Then there’s also this cool Thanksgiving centerpiece featured on Knowhowshedoesit. We really love the idea of using tinted mason jars of different colors and filling them with fall goodies. Also, the cork turkey tag is really cute and funny. Have fun making your own centerpieces and putting together some of your favorite fall things.

Ecletic colorful thanksgiving table

Don’t be afraid to experiment, even if it may seem like the combination is too bold at first. You never know where harmony lies when you’re working with so many things like various types of plates, table runners, candles and candle holders, centerpieces, flowers and tiny pumpkins. They’re all here on Pmqfortwo and they all look beautiful together.

Fall pumpkin flower vase

Did you know you can turn a pumpkin into a floral vase? It’s all very simple actually. You just cut out the top of the pumpkin and you carve a hole inside big enough to hold the bouquet of flowers you have in mind. It would be more practical to use a faux pumpkin for this purpose. Find more details on Sustainmycrafthabit.

Table decor with pumpkins

Speaking of pumpkin carving and all the cool things you can make using this technique, you could also check out the pumpkin centerpieces featured on Homemadebycarmona. Here’s what you need for the project: faux pumpkins, an X-acto knife, a leaf template, spray paint and candles. Draw and cut out the leaf template at an outward angle. Then paint the bottom portion of the pumpkin and put a candle inside.

tutorial for mini bundt cake pan pumpkins

On Averageinspired we found this rather interesting tutorial for mini bundt cake pan pumpkins. If you want to try this at home, you’ll need mini bundt cake pans, orange and ivory chalky finish paint, decorative scrapbook paper, double sided tape, raffia, picture frames and a hot glue gun.

Thanksgiving napkin and place cards

Give your guests something fun to do while they want for the next course. Instead of the usual place cards and napkin rings you could welcome them with a word search challenge. Include words related to Thanksgiving. It’s an idea that we found on Julieblanner.

Pinecone Turkey Craft

Isn’t this pinecone turkey really cute? It’s definitely something that your guests would appreciate not to mention that it’s pretty easy to make as well. You need some colored paper, glue, a pinecone and scissors. You can print out the feathers or draw them yourself. Cut out the feathers and also the head of the turkey and insert them into the pinecone as shown on 100directions.

Coasters for Thanksgiving Table

Anything can be customized, including coasters. In fact, there are lots of cool and interesting ways in which you can personalize coasters, especially the ones made of cork. Even ceramic ones are pretty great because you can just use a paint pen to decorate them. Check out Rachaeladele for inspiration.

Thanks pumpkin mantel decor

Of course, the table isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on. If you have a fireplace you’re in luck because there are lots of ways in which you can decorate the mantel. How about these cute little pumpkins featured on Adiamondinthestuff? They each have a letter written on them and together they spell out “thanks”.

Fall mobile

Fall Mobile

Put all your favorite fall colors together and display them in the form of a cute mobile. It’s a lovely decoration which you can customize in lots of different ways. Make it a part of your Thanksgiving décor and enjoy it even after that. You can find out more about the mobile from Ajoyfulriot.

DIY napkin rings

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