Multifunctional Home With A Central Zen Garden And A Living Tree

A lot of modern homes focus on flexibility and modularity. We’ve started to enjoy having multifunctional interior designs which allow us to make the most of small spaces and this is reflected in a variety of different design approaches and solutions. This house is just one of the many examples which can be used to illustrate this idea. This cozy home is located in Moscow, Russia and was designed by Ruetemple.

Ruetemple modular house zen box
The interior space has a limited floor plan with little space to spare
Ruetemple modular house box with tree
The designers chose to divide the various functions without using traditional methods
Ruetemple modular house tv on wall
Instead of organizing the spaces using walls and dividers, the designers opted for a central box-like volume

Ruetemple specializes in offering cutom solutions for unique challenges and always finding a way to deal with each client’s needs and preferences. Their projects are modern and with a preference towards minimalism. Here they designed the interior of a 48 square meter home. Given how small the floor plan wan, the designers had to be creative if they were to offer the client all the desired features.

Ruetemple modular house pull out bed
The white box stands at the core of the home where the ceiling is highest
Ruetemple modular house white box at center
Inside this box there’s a living tree surrounded by pebbles
Ruetemple modular house white cube
This turns the interior of the cube into a relaxing zen garden inside the house

The project was completed in 2016 and its most defining feature is a white cube which stands at the center of the house, where the ceiling is the highest. The cube divides the open floor plan into a series of zones, more exactly into five different sections. Each can serve a specific function but these roles aren’t definitive as the overall design is a very flexible and modular one.

Ruetemple modular house window bar
The white cube sits on a series of removable modules which can be used in a variety of ways
Ruetemple modular house zen area inside the sube
The tree gets natural light through a skylight in the ceiling above it
Ruetemple modular house pull out seat
The modules under the cube can be pulled out and used as chairs, ottomans or beds

A really interesting detail is the fact that the central cube has a series of modules under it. These modules can be pulled out and used as seats. They can combined and organized in lots of different configurations depending on the user’s immediate needs. As a result, several can be used to form a comfortable lounge area or a bed whenever needed. The modules can then be tucked away under the cube to save space and make room for something else.

Ruetemple modular house removed cubes
The modules can be combined and configured in a lot of different ways, depending on the needs of the users
Ruetemple modular house reorganizable modules
The modules feature comfortable cushions and upholstered tops
Ruetemple modular house pull out modules
The larger ones can be put together to make a sofa while the rest can be extra armchairs
Ruetemple modular house modular seats
Several can be put together to make a comfortable sectional or a bed, depending on the occasion

This type of flexibility is greately appreciated in this case considering how small the floor plan is. The central cube basically divides the space into a lounge area, a TV zone, a dressing space and a private relaxation area. There’s also the space inside the cube which contains a living tree illuminated through a skylight.

Ruetemple modular house cube lighting
When not needed, the modules fit perfectly underneath the white garden cube
Ruetemple modular house floor lamp
This type of modularity allows the home to remain very simple and clear of unnecessary features
Ruetemple modular house mediation box
The interior of the central cube can be considered a sort of private meditation and relaxation area
Ruetemple modular house small sofa
The cube is the element the visually separates the open floor plan into various different zones

There’s also a storage unit placed along one of the walls as well as a long counter which doubles as a window sill and a bar. There’s enough room under it to store all the bar stools.

Ruetemple modular house slanted wall
On the sides of the cube there are windows and skylights that make the space really bright and open
Ruetemple modular house seating area
One section of the floor plan can serve as an occasional entertainment area with pull-out seats
Ruetemple modular house lounge area
The fact that the furniture can be tucked away under the cube makes this a multifunctional space
Ruetemple modular house window sill
Simplicity is the key characteristic of this intriguing modern home

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